Lacking any real garden space on the hills of Orinda, the possibility of container gardening (and the supplies) had been lingering as a project.

After too many trips to the hardware store, we now have two functional containers with high expectations of a super-summer-tomato crop.
The first realization follows Earthtainer instructions using a 35+ gallon storage container.
Holds two plants but requires a lot of hardware and soil (1.5cu ft!)

The second attempt, inspired by some youtube “bucket” gardening videos, uses the same principles but can be assembled in less than an hour, holds one plant and seems the more “modular” and robust approach.

The nicest feature of both containers is the Automatic Watering System (AWS!), courtesy of the original Earthbox. The supply works with a very simple diaphragm valve and a Bernoulli bell, great physics!

Keep you posted on the harvest…

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Chris (aka Christian) Valcke, living in Tucson and working for big pharma.

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